Lake View Fisheries – Kenya’s pioneer fish producer!

Trust Us.. Your Local Fish People

Our promise to you is to provide only the very highest quality, sustainably sourced, tasty, fresh fish… from our pristine waters to your table! We are proudly local, proudly Kenyan!

Our Products

Our core product is premium Nile Tilapia and other value added fish products. We also supply high quality mono-sex tilapia fingerlings


Our fish is FRESH FROM THE LAKE! We take great strides to ensure that our fish maintains a superior texture and a  “sweet” flavor!….after all… it is FRESH FROM THE LAKE!

Lake View Fisheries aims to improve food security in Kenya by providing a constant supply of fresh, affordable tilapia.

Phone: +254722285323


Location: Ramba, Mfangano Island, HomaBay County